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About WaterTrackers

In recent years, more floods have killed residents in North America than average, why? Well, many residents are not prepared to be safe during natural disasters. WaterTrackers is a platform that helps residents in designated areas to be ready for the next flood. Detailed maps will allow users to see if they are in areas with a high risk of a natural disaster. Detailed checklists will prevent users from forgetting small details when packing and be fully equipped. Although we are experts, we will help you be alert with the most relevant information. If you are interested in learning more about floods, there will be additional links to other helpful sites. Say goodbye to all the flooded emotions with waterTrackers.

How can we help

Some of the ways we can help you stay safe!


Are you in danger? Detailed maps of local areas with risk of floods.


ARE YOU READY? A checklist to make sure you are prepared during and after a flood.


Need more information? Multiple helpful links to make sure you have all the information!

Precautions You can Take

Before the Flood

During the Flood

After the Flood

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